ECO AB-B is very fine powder of micro particles of silver salts. It has a strong and permanent inhibitory effect on the proliferation of bacteria.

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ECO AB-B is very fine powder of micro particles of silver salts. It has a strong and permanent inhibitory effect on the proliferation of bacteria.

ECO AB-B can be used at a very low dosage, i.e. with a lower price than many bactericidal products used in water-based paints, and it removes the handling problems caused by those.
While the effect of the traditional bactericidal products is limited in time, the inhibitory effect of ECO AB-B lasts for a practically unlimited period without harming the environment.
Moreover, since it is effective by contact with many bacteria and molds, it protects the coatings in both their vases and when they are dry after the application.
When used together with Ecotor B, ECO AB-B allows sanitizing humid environments enhancing their liveability with its ionizing action.

ECO AB-B is generally used in the construction field in all the surface products to be applied in humid environments at risk of molds (i.e. skim plaster in powder and paste form, in water paints based on synthetic resins, hydrated lime, silicates, etc.).
To obtain a better distribution of ECO AB-B in the final mixture, it is advisable to pre-disperse the mixture in a part of one of the component of the mixture and then to add Pentaflow PC 5 if the mixture

Composition: Stabilized silver salts
State: Powder Visual
Colour: White Visual
Specific gravity: Max. 0.24 kg/dm3
Granulometry: 1 μm ± 0,2
Humidity: Max. 4.0%
Thermal stability: > 200°C
Water solubility: Insoluble

The suggested dosage for ECO AB-B is normally 0.2% on the total weight of solid components, particularly if it is used together with Ecotor B, whose dosage is 2.0 – 3.0%.
In any case, the range of dosage of ECO AB-B is 0.1 – 0.5% on the solid components of the mixture.
It is advisable to carry out preliminary tests on the specific mixtures in order to establish the optimum dosage depending on the expected results.

If it is stored in a dry place and in its original bags kept perfectly closed, ECO AB-B has a 12 months validity.
Should moisture be absorbed by the product, this does not affect its efficaciousness, but it makes its dosage difficult and it causes a non-homogeneous distribution in the finished mixture.
It is therefore advisable to close the bags carefully after each collection.

In our present state of knowledge, there are no specific requirements in handling ECO AB-B.
In any case, taking into account the particle size of ECO AB-B, it is advisable to adopt all the precautions needed for the use of powdery products and to avoid direct contact with wet or sweaty skin.

1 kg bag.
3 kg cans.
10 kg cans.

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