N.C.T. (New Chemical Technology S.r.l.) represents the realization of a branch of an established business of chemical building products with a presence in this market for over thirty years. N.C.T. is the offspring of diversification that the parent company created and promoted over the past 5 years.


The strenuous efforts in developing new technologies and products has so quickly made these specific areas expand as to justify the creation of the new company with a special imprint and full independence.

N.C.T. thus has a home-production facility with a new plant specifically for the production of its specialties of nano-based and ionizing products.

It is supported by a talented team of engineers working in a well-equipped laboratory for advanced research and testing of raw materials and finished products.




The original objective of N.C.T. is to market some of the parent company’s products and to study and then propose nano-based technologies with applications on multiple fronts.

However the inclusion of the company in fields other than the expected led to ethical implications for the management team, such as to change many of the goals and targets initially set: the 360 degree study of environmental pollution that all of us are exposed to every day caused N.C.T. to try to develop advanced technologies to solve problems and meet needs arising from respect for the environment and the maintenance thereof.

The new fields in which N.C.T. operates are very different.

The heavy lifter today is ” CLINETOR™ “, an emission-free and completely innovative detergent; products will be placed on the market in a short time, such as new and important fire retardants able to preserve vegetation from fires, environmentally friendly products for water treatment and pollution abatement.

However, we have not forgotten where we came from; in fact the N.C.T. catalog introduces an increasing number of additives and finished products for green building, paints and applicators, with advanced technology and easy to use.


Among these outstanding treatments are: antibacterial, antifungal and ionizing ecological treatments for the environments and domestic surfaces and others, with the aim to improve health by simply staying within the walls of your own home.


To complete these lines, we developed a mineral non-cementing binder able to exceed the features of plasterboard and at the same time optimized in its characteristics, using discards from plant production, such as sawdust, cork, straw, etc., without wasting energy to transform them into inorganic compounds.


Products for green building


We have also patented antibacterial systems for animal husbandry, with the final aim of bringing healthier and safer products to our tables.

 N.C.T. is development of solutions to live better!

organization chart of the management of New Chemical Technology S.r.l.

PRESIDENT: Renzo Leardini

Technical Dir. & Resp.di produzione: Claudio Frulli

Commercial Dir. & of the project “CLINETOR”: Carlo Leardini

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