ECOTAN A is a very fine powder of TiO2 anatase whose particle size is in the interval of active nanoparticles. Its main action consists in photocatalysis stimulated by sunlight or by special lamps emitting UV rays

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ECO TAN-A is a very fine powder of TiO2 anatase, whose particle size is within the range of active micro and nanoparticles. It has a photocatalytic effect when stimulated by sunlight or by appropriate lamps emitting UV rays.

The main feature of ECO TAN-A is its ability to emit electronegative charges on the surface of its particles and in the surrounding environment when UV rays in direct light stimulate these particles.
The electronegativity of surface promotes the oxidation (photocatalysis) of the organic and non-organic substances near the surface.
It also constitutes an efficacious barrier to the adhesion of all particles, especially of dirt particles.
Because of this, the surfaces treated with ECO TAN-A avoid the deposition of dirt and they are self-cleaning under the action of water.
All these actions remain active as long as ECO TAN-A persists on the surface and it is stimulated by direct sunrays or by lamps emitting UV rays.

Thanks to its self-cleaning action, ECO TAN-A, is used with success in the preparation of external cement based plasters and smooth finishes, cement-based paint, and silicate and hydrated lime based paints. It can also be used in all synthetic resin based-paints, if they have been previously tested in terms of durability to the photocatalytic action.
For the same reason, in the formulation of water-based paints, organic pigments cannot be used but only metal oxides.
To obtain a better distribution of ECO TAN-A in the final mixture, it is advisable to pre-disperse the mixture in a part of one of the components of the mixture, and then to add Pentaflow PC 5 if the mixture is in powder form or Pentaflow PCL 2 if the mixture is in liquid or in paste form.
Note: ECO TAN-A is not a pigment and it does not substitutes TiO2 used as such.
On the final product, it only has a photocatalytic and self-cleaning action.

Composition: TiO2 anatase
State: Powder
Colour: Ivory
Apparent specific weight: 0,5 kg/dm3
Granulometry: min. 95% < 50 nm.
Humidity: max. 4.0%
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Storage: In a protected, dry place

The suggested dosage for ECO TAN-A is normally 0.5% on the total weight of solid components of the mixture.
It is advisable to carry out preliminary tests on the specific mixtures in order to establish the optimum dosage depending on the expected results.

If it is stored in a dry place and in its original bags kept perfectly closed, ECO TAN-A has a 12 months validity.
Should moisture be absorbed by the product, this does not affect its efficacy, but it makes its dosage difficult and it causes a non-homogeneous distribution in the finished mixture.
It is therefore advisable to close the bags carefully after each collection.

In our present state of knowledge, there are no specific requirements in handling ECO TAN-A.
In any case, taking account of the particle size of ECO TAN-A, it is advisable to adopt all the precautions needed for the use of powdery products and to avoid direct
contact with wet or sweaty skin.

25 kg. paper sacks.

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10 KG Bag, 25 KG Bag, 5 KG Bucket, Sacco 1 KG

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