HYGIENIC PAINT N is a bi-component epoxy polyamide primer with a high content in zinc phosphate.

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HYGIENIC PAINT N is a bi-component epoxy polyamide primer with a high content in zinc phosphate.

HYGIENIC PAINT N has a strong anticorrosive power in industrial and marine environments. It show a very strong adhesion on metallic support of iron, steel, zinc surfaces, aluminum, and metal alloys.

HYGIENIC PAINT N is ideal for preparing metallic support to be treated with catalyzed and synthetic varnishes.
It is particularly recommended to protect metallic structures, transformers, poles, carpentries, silos, plants, tanks, tubes, metal sheets, and penstocks from oxidation.

The support must be dry, clean, and without traces of oil, fats, stains of coating and other detachable parts. To obtain the best result, it is suggested to sand the part to treat. Remove all traces of other agents on the support, since they could compromise the adhesion of the product and the final appearance of the surface.
HYGIENIC PAINT N can be applied by brush, by roll, by spray, and by airless pistol.
HYGIENIC PAINT N must be applied at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C, and with a relative humidity between 35% and 75%.
Once the package is open, carefully mix the product to remove eventual sedimentations. Carefully mix the two components A (base) and B (catalyzer) following the ratio 100 : 25.
Open time of application of the catalyzed product is around 3 hours (at normal environmental conditions).
Once dried, the tack free time at 20°C is 40 minutes, it can be painted over at 20°C after 12 hours, it is dry to the touch after 80 minutes, and it is completely dry after 24 hours.
Surfaces treated with HYGIENIC PAINT N should be painted over preferably in 30 days with varnish or finishing coatings.

State: Viscous paste
Colour: Red, green, and grey
Dry residue by weight: 74% ± 2%
Specific gravity at 20°C: 1.30 kg/l ± 0.05
Viscosity at 25°C: 5500 – 7500 cps
Mixing ratio by weight A : B: 100 : 25
Pot-life: 3 hours
Tack-free time (at 20°C hum. 60%): 40 min.
Dry to the touch (at 20°C hum. 60%): 80 minutes
Test saline mist (ASTM B117): After 1800 hours, the delamination of the product is less than 1 mm around the cross incision.
Can be painted over after (at 20°C hum. 60%): 12 hours
Time of depth hardening: 24 hours
Operating temperature: From -30°C to +100°C
Temperature of application: From +5°C to +35°C
Adhesion to sanded metal (SA2.5 grade): 100% (test for adhesion)
Resistance to abrasion: Perfect
Impact strength: Perfect
Suggested thickness: 60 – 100 μm
Relative humidity of application: Max. 75%

Yield depends on the kind of support to treat. The average yield with 1 kg of HYGIENIC PAINT N A+B is 8 m2 with a dry film 70 μm thick.

If it is stored in its original packages protected by frost and heat, HYGIENIC PAINT N has a 12 months validity. Protect the product from frost, heat, and from direct sunlight.

Do not eat, drink or smoke during the application.
Use individual protective devices such as gloves, glasses, mask, and protective garments (as indicated in the security data sheet).
As far as we are aware, all provided information in this sheet are correct, but all recommendations and suggestions are given with no guarantees since we cannot directly control the conditions of application. In case of doubt, perform preliminary tests.
Always follow shipment and safety regulations and provisions. Please consult the technical sheet, the application directives, and the safety data sheet. Do not disperse the product and the packages in the environment.
For the disposal of the empty packages or in case of accidental spills of the product, follow the applicable disposal regulations.

Iron cans of 16 kg (A) + 4 kg (B)
4 kg (A) + 1 kg (B)
0.8 kg (A) + 0.2 kg (B)

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