ECO AB-05 is a very fine powder of salts of silver in the form of micro and nanoparticles. It produces a permanent, highly bactericidal, fungicide, algicide effect. The produ

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ECO AB-05 is a very fine powder of salts of silver in the form of micro and nanoparticles. It produces a permanent, highly bactericidal, fungicide, algicide effect.

It is a well-known fact that silver and some of its salts are good bactericides even in the state of micro-particles, but the economic aspect on one hand and the occurrence of some epidermal trouble have restricted and prevented its spreading. In reality, some of its salts, mixed with some ionizing minerals in the form of nanoparticles, fully solve the above problems.
In fact ECO AB-05 is employed at a very low dosage, so becoming economic in comparison with a lot of bactericides used in water paints while eliminating the problems of manipulation they cause. Whilst the bactericidal action of traditional products is limited in time, ECO AB-05 makes this action practically unlimited, without any dangerous discharge into the environment.
Moreover, since it acts by contact on a wide range of bacteria and moulds, it protects the picture both in vase and, after the application, in the dry state. ECO AB-05 used in combination with Ecotor B makes for the sanitization of wet places so improving their liveableness thanks to its ionising action. (To verify the bactericidal effectiveness, see the attached certificates).

ECO AB-05 is mainly employed in construction, added to any product for the surface treatment in wet places where the risk of mould formation may be present, that is in the production of skim plasters in powder or paste, in stuccoes, in water paints containing synthetic resins, lime, silicate etc. To get the best dispersion of ECO AB-05 in the final mixture, it is advisable to pre-disperse it in a part of one of the mixture components with an addiction of Disperflow C, if the mixture is dry, or Disperflow CL if it is liquid or in paste.

Composition: Salts of silver and Tor-B
State: Powder
Colour: White
Apparent specific weight: max. 0,8 kg/dm3
Granulometry: min.95% < 30 nm.
Humidity: max. 4.0%
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Storage: In a protected, dry place

The recommended dosage of Disperflow C is normally of 0,05 – 0.2% on the solid components, in particular if it is used together with Ecotor B whose dosage is 0.5-1.0%. In any case, the dosage interval of ECO AB-05 is 0,05 – 0,2% on the solid components of the mixture.

Anyway, it is advisable to carry out preventive tests on the specific mixtures in order to establish the most suitable and convenient dosage according to the expected results.

Tests carried out by Istituto di Scienze Tossicologiche Igienistiche e Ambientali – Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo”. Test report N.1/B/P/L The assessment was carried out on TSA plates, charged with the powder and inoculated with the micro-organisms under consideration, with the “SPOT in SOLID” technique. The table hows the antibacterial effect of the powder on the bacterial strains under examination, expressed as a percentage of reduction. The bactericidal action against the four strains studied proved to be of 100%.

The powder taken into consideration showed the property to both inhibit the growth of the micro-organisms and to kill them.

If ECO AB-05 is stored in a dry place in the original packaging it has 12-month validity from the date of the transport document.
In case humidity is absorbed by the product, it does not jeopardize its efficaciousness, but makes its dosage difficult and imprecise and its distribution in the finished mixture non homogeneous. It is therefore recommended to close the sacks with care after each

In the present state of our knowledge there are no special recommendations for the manipulation of ECO AB-05. Anyway, in consideration of the particle size of the product, it is advisable to take all the precautions dedicated to the use of products in
powder form and avoid contact with the wet or sweaty skin.

1, 5, 10 kg bucket.

The technical data reported in this bulletin were obtained with standardised tests or rules or their modifications or according to New Chemical Technology systems. Our technical service can be asked for the methods applied.

What is reported in the present bulletin represents the best of our knowledge and experience. Anyway, we advise to carry out preventive tests when using the product differently from indicated. In any case, New Chemical Technology srl do not take any responsibility for any damage or defects caused by the use of their products, since using conditions of their products are not under their control. They also inform that their technical service is at the customers’ disposal for any information concerning the right use of their products.

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