ANTI-FIRE P™ is a product designed specifically as a flame retarding and fire-fighting medium for highly flammable materials.The product is available in 25 kg bags.

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Fire-fighting product – fire retardant
ANTI-FIRE P™ is a product designed specifically as a flame retarding and fire-fighting medium for highly flammable materials.

ANTI-FIRE P™ is a powder that dissolves easily in cold water to form solutions of up to 40% concentration. Its fire-retardant properties can protect any solid organic compound by absorbing the oxygen present the moment the fire starts to generate heat. In practice, the product initially retards the combustion of the organic solid, and when the temperature rises above 600°C it carbonises without producing any flames.
This characteristic is particularly useful in forest fires, in that it can be used to surround the fire zone and prevent the formation of sparks and wind generated by the temperature of the fire. When solid wood or plywood beams or structures are impregnated with ANTI-FIRE P™ they become virtually fireproof. In the case of dense wood, the product carbonises without producing flames until it is hit directly by the flames of the fire, and then self-extinguishes the moment the flames move away

Generally speaking, the product is used in a watery solution of 10% ANTI-FIRE P™.
Fireproofing: ANTI-FIRE P™ is normally used as a fireproof impregnant for timber in civil and industrial constructions, for treating stockpiles of solid organic materials regarded as fire risks and for spraying woods and scrubland near to dwellings. In this last case, the foliage and plants are resprayed after heavy rainfall, in that the product may have been washed off. When used as a fire-retardant for ceilings, false-ceilings and soundproof materials in public buildings, it can actually delay the risk of collapse in the case of a fire outbreak.
Fire-fighting: In the case of forest or scrub fires, ANTI-FIRE P™ allows the fire to be extinguished and surrounded, by spraying the vegetation around the zone in flames and the area immediately upwind, using a helicopter or other suitable fire-fighting means. The product can also be used to spray combustible materials outside dwellings that could find themselves at the centre of a fire. Once the fire has been extinguished, ANTI-FIRE P™ can be quite easily removed from any durable surfaces using a jet of water.
Fertiliser: Another characteristic of ANTI-FIRE P™ is the complete absence of any harmful substances in the product. It is moreover a good fertiliser for most plants and soils, whether sprayed beforehand or after being subjected to the heat of a fire.

Composizione CHIMICA:
Chemical composition: mixture of siliceous and phosphate salts
State: Powder
Colour: Beige
Density: max. 1.00 Kg/dm3
Granulometry: min. 95 % < 0.500 mm
Chlorine content: max 0.05%
Humidity: max. 4 %
Solubility in water: 100%
Usage temperature: > 0°C
Storage: in a protected dry location

The product is normally used as a 10% solution in water. When impregnating wood and soundproofing materials, the absorption rate is around 100 – 300 gr/m2 depending on the porosity. For fire prevention purposes, coverage is around 2 – 10 kg/m2 depending on the height of the plants and the extent of the foliage.

The powder product, in its original properly sealed container and stored in a dry location away from direct sunlight at a temperature between -10°C and +40°C, has a shelflife of one year from the date of delivery.

ANTI-FIRE P™ is harmless on contact with the skin.
It can be easily removed from any surface using soap and water. If inhaled, the powder can cause irritation to the primary respiratory tract which will disappear when the product ceases to be handled.
Consequently, it is advisable to use a dust-mask and avoid releasing the product into the environment. In the case of accidental spillage, the product
must be collected dry and disposed of in an authorised manner. In the case of a fire, avoid inhaling the vapours by using an oxygen mask.

25 kg paper bags.

100 kg drums, 1000 kg tanks,
bulk tanks.

100 kg drums, 1000 kg tanks,
bulk tanks.

The technical data reported in this bulletin were obtained with standardised tests or rules or their modifications or according to New Chemical Technology systems. Our technical service can be asked for the methods applied.

What is reported in the present bulletin represents the best of our knowledge and experience. Anyway, we advise to carry out preventive tests when using the product differently from indicated. In any case, New Chemical Technology srl do not take any responsibility for any damage or defects caused by the use of their products, since using conditions of their products are not under their control. They also inform that their technical service is at the customers’ disposal for any information concerning the right use of their products.

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