Signora Mary e ClinetorMary
When I met CLINETOR® I was always attached to the washing machine, because in addition to the effectiveness of the product, doing laundry had become a fun, in fact for the first time it was enough to rub a little ‘soap grease stains and throw everything in the washing machine with the ball!
Anna Maria
With CLINETOR® I rediscovered the clean feeling I had not had for many years! In fact, when I stretched the clothes washed with detergent, I felt the smell of perspiration resurface, with CLINETOR® instead, I finally solved this problem! Also I do not use soap or other products when I wash the laundry … and the colors resist much longer!
When I used CLINETOR® for the first time I felt the soft laundry … and I did not see that powder coming out of the washed clothes with all the other old products.
I have children allergic to a lot of things including dust and detergent residues. With CLINETOR® I finally stopped looking for products that would guarantee my children to live peacefully!
The first time I was offered CLINETOR®, I thought it was a toy, I certainly did not think it worked. I tried it first on some less important laundry and with a little ‘detergent … I was shocked by the real operation of that ball; then as I took “confidence”, I came to use only the ball and a minimum dose of traditional stain remover. Now I use the CLINETOR® system with Marseille soap, which proposes the manufacturer and I get excellent results.
Marco B.
I am writing to you because for some months I have started to have major problems of allergies (not intolerances, but true allergies) of the skin, which specialized studies have shown to be able to reconnect without doubt to a frequent use of detergents on garments clothing that I used to play sports. The residues of these detergents reacted with my sweat, until the irritations gradually became allergies, which come back every time I wear a garment washed with detergents in both powder and liquid … not only but the allergy has spread to a wide variety of other factors, such as dust, animal fur, mites, etc. In all this affair, which has changed my life, since now not
I do more sports and I live under a glass bell, I can still thank CLINETOR®, because it is as effective as other detergents, and it is the only product that does not create these allergies. Thank you
Hi, I am a lady resident in the Milanese area. I tried CLINETOR®, buying it from my dealer and during the first wash I noticed that my washing machine had some problems. I took her to a technician who asked me amazed what I had used lately to wash clothes, because something had removed the limescale from the washing circuit, clogging part of the filter … according to the technician, with another wash there would be no need to bring the washing machine, because the filter would be cleaned by itself! I reused CLINETOR® again and I could confirm the technician’s words. At the third washing my washing machine worked better than before … it’s amazing! And then also wash very well!

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