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CLINETOR® is a detergent non detersive.
CLINETOR® gives the water itself the washing power obtainable with traditional cleansers.



CLINETOR® is a detergent non detersive.
CLINETOR® gives the water itself the washing power obtainable with traditional cleansers.

The washing action of CLINETOR® is due to the ionisation of water (and of the salts it contains) activated by the magnetic field existing in the drum of the washing machine.The ionisation allows washing all water-soluble soil of clothing, so substituting for traditional ionic and non ionic detergents in powder and liquid form. CLINETOR® does not need any active oxygen or descaler; it does not discolour despite washing at the usual temperatures and eliminates all the smells and the bacteria which characterize bad smells (that is the reason why CLINETOR™ does not contain any perfumes, because its function would nullify their effect making this addition useless).

Besides, the ionisation boosts the washing effect of traditional stain removers that are only used in very small quantities for the treatment of grease spots and stains; bleaches and fabric conditioners may be added when washing woollen clothing to potentiate the washing effect and make the cloths softer.
The mix of these features reduces 30 to 50 times the level of pollution registered with the use of classical detergents.

a. It is less bulky. One ball (about 130 gr.) is enough for 50 – 60 washing cycles, reducing the room encumbered by the usual boxes of detergents to just one ball;
b. It works very well at temperatures of at least 10°C lower with remarkable energy saving (and consequent money saving);
c. It does not give off polluting substances into the environment or into the washed clothes, so eliminating annoying itches and skin rushes due to allergic reactions caused by traditional detergents;
d. It keeps runoff pits and sewers clean, avoiding the agglomeration of the grease substances and the mineral charges contained in traditional detergents in powder form;
e. It reduces the costs of each washing cycle by about 50%.

A container-ball is enough for 5-6 kg of clothing. Before inserting the clothes in the washing machine it is necessary to treat the difficult spots and stains and the grease soil with the special stick or with the usual detergent, then load the washer and add CLINETOR®. Select the wash cycle suitable for the type of fabric without adding any other detergent, following the table below, and then start the washing machine. At the end of every washing cycle remove the CLINETOR® ball together with the clothes and let it dry and, if possible expose it.


CLINETOR® is essentially made up of two natural minerals (nano-micro particle Elbaite and Uvite), sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, colophony.

In the present state of our knowledge there are no special recommendations for the use of CLINETOR®.
Anyway, it is recommended to keep the product out of reach of children and not to disperse the container in the environment.

CLINETOR® kept in the original packaging has 1-year validity from the date of production written on the wrapping.

– Box containing 1 container-ball;
– Box containing 1 container-ball + stain remover;
– Box with 2 recharge bags.

The technical data reported in this bulletin were obtained with standardised tests or rules or their modifications or according to New Chemical Technology systems. Our technical service can be asked for the methods applied.

What is reported in the present bulletin represents the best of our knowledge and experience. Anyway, we advise to carry out preventive tests when using the product differently from indicated. In any case, New Chemical Technology srl do not take any responsibility for any damage or defects caused by the use of their products, since using conditions of their products are not under their control. They also inform that their technical service is at the customers’ disposal for any information concerning the right use of their products.

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