How to use

Before washing the laundry with CLINETOR® it is necessary to treat difficult stains and grease stains with the specific ecological stain remover that you will find inside the packaging or any other ecological stain remover. Subsequently, the basket is loaded by adding the CLINETOR® ball.

The specific washing cycle is set (with reference to the table below) for the type of fabric and without adding any other detergent the washing machine starts. At the end of the wash cycle, together with the garments, the CLINETOR® ball is extracted and left to dry before being re-used.

CLINETOR® ends its cleaning action when the minerals are consumed and start to leak out of the cracks of the globe. We recommend replacing the refill after 60 wash cycles.

Pellets replacement is necessary when they begin to escape from the globe.
Get a coin.
Insert it into the cap slot, turn it counterclockwise “OPEN”.
Remove the cap and empty the contents of CLINETOR® *.
Open one of the 2 bags and place it entirely inside the empty globe.
Close the cap and turn it clockwise “CLOSED”, when you hear the second click, the closure is ensured.
Now you can re-use your CLINETOR®!
* Nb. Do not throw old pellets in the trash, but recycle them in the pots of your plants: they will help them to be healthier and more luxuriant!
The packs of refills contain two bags of pellets, or the amount needed to refill the ball twice (about 130 washes in tot).

The CLINETOR® composition consists essentially of the two natural minerals (elbaite and nano-microparticellar uvite), sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, <5% sodium lauryl sulphate.

CLINETOR® is totally biodegradable and complies with EC regulation 648/2004.

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