The CLINETOR® composition consists essentially of two minerals (elbaite and nano-microparticellate uvite) and sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, rosin and coconut oil in small quantities as conglomerates.

Washing principle
The cleaning action of CLINETOR® is due to the ionization of the water (and the salts dissolved in it), activated by the magnetic field existing in the drum of the washing machine. The ionization makes it possible to cleanse all the water-soluble dirt from clothes by replacing traditional detergents in powder and liquid. CLINETOR® does not require active oxygen and anti-limescale; it does not fade while washing at the usual temperatures and eliminates all odors and bacteria that characterize bad odors.

The ionization also enhances the washing effect of traditional stain removers, which are used in small quantities locally for the treatment of oily and grease stains; also bleaches and softeners can be added in the washing of woolen garments to enhance the cleaning effect and give pleasant scents. The mix of these characteristics reduces from 30 to 50 times the level of pollution detected instead with the use of classic detergents.

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