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Chelab CSA certifications


CLINETOR™ is a totally natural universal cleaner, which singly replaces detergent, water softeners, fabric softeners and active oxygen. The cleansing principle is not due to chemical additives or surfactants, harmful to the environment, rather the ionization of water and the salts dissolved in it, which facilitates the passage of water between the fibres, allowing you to deep clean dirt from clothing.
As shown in the table comparing the analysis of the waste water from washing with CLINETOR™ and a traditional detergent, ​​ CLINETOR™ values have an almost nil polluting effect.


The composition of CLINETOR ™ consists essentially of two natural minerals (elbaite and uvite in nano- microparticles), sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, and refined coconut oil.
CLINETOR™ is biodegradable and fully complies with Regulation 648/2004.

Gruppo CSA S.p.A.


The CSA Group, Environmental Studies Center was founded in 1985 by a group of young scientists who decided to conduct environmental analyses from a multidisciplinary perspective.
Since its inception, the CSA GROUP has striven to be seen as a reference point in the Italian scientific panorama of Research Institutes in the fields of Environment and Agro-food.
Now its policy of technological innovation, research & development is confirmed along with its use of its human resources and partnerships with leading regional and national authorities, and its seriousness and professionalism in delivering services to the customer.
All this has enabled it to take an important position in this field in the domestic market.

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